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After a drunken night out leads to a one night stand with her smoking hot best friend, Maya can't help giving in to temptation again and again. But are passionate hookups and wild trysts all the future has in store?


Rosie is meant to hate famous rockstar Will O'Connor, who killed her father in a car crash, but she finds herself falling in love instead. 


Maddie can't remember the last 2 years, but she knows Ethan is the handsome boy who's been haunting her dreams. Do they have an insta-spark, or a past?




Rebecca Robertson is a writer of romance and YA, a believer of self-care and a hardcore tea drinker. Notoriously known for adding sweet & sexy to her stories, she enjoys creating words that keep her readers on the edge of their seat. She lives in the North of England where the weather is as unpredictable as her characters.


If she could, she'd make wearing pyjamas all day mandatory.

For business enquiries, contact rebecca.jade1@hotmail.com


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