My Not So One Night Stand

Best friends since the age of three; spirited waitress, Maya Crofton and ladies’ man, Luke Anderson are inseparable, priding themselves on knowing everything about one another. Or so Maya thought. What she doesn’t realise is that Luke is lusting after more than just her friendship and, with alcohol involved, sparks soon fly.

Past encounters, devastating secrets and the unbearable need to hide her true feelings puts Maya in quite the predicament.

Will she overcome her doubts and offer Luke the chance he's been waiting for almost half his life?

The Heart Exchange


Maddie can't remember the last 2 years, but she knows Ethan is the handsome boy who's been haunting her dreams. Do they have an insta-spark, or a past?


When a skiing accident leaves sixteen-year-old Maddie Monroe with a brain injury, erasing all her memories from the past two years, her personality undergoes a massive transformation. Long gone is the carefree girl she used to be, and old friends feel like complete strangers. One of the strangest side effects the accident leaves her with are her dreams -- or more specifically, the boy who plagues them. She has no idea who he is, but he comes to her most nights; handsome, funny and charming as hell. When he shows up seated beside her in English class one day, she feels an instant connection to him - and as their relationship develops, Maddie can't help but feel like there's a hidden past between them. Have they met before? Who is Ethan Ryder?

Will & Rosie


Rosie is meant to hate famous rockstar Will O'connor, who killed her father in a car crash, but she finds herself falling in love instead.


Rock sensation, Will O'Connor is in the prime of his career when he unintentionally kills a man in a car accident. Full of remorse, he must come to terms with his non-guilty verdict. People-pleasing Rosie Montgomery dedicates her life to making others happy. Following her father's death in Will's crash, she becomes desperate to keep her family intact. But when Will and Rosie accidentally meet at her father's grave, there's an undeniable bond. Can they ignore the rest of the world and go after what their hearts most desire? And most importantly - can either of them handle the consequences?

The Replacement

Want to discover a new, immersive way of reading? Try experiencing The Replacement with brilliant sound effects and visual prompts, drawing you further into Spencer and Jessica's story.

Jessica just landed the job of a lifetime, working as the second-in-command to Scott Michaels. The only problem is Spencer Michaels, the other CEO -- and the man she was hired to replace.

When he finds out about her, Spencer stops at nothing to make sure she knows her place...and even though he's blind, going through a divorce and acts like a total dick, Jessica can't help but fall for him.



Rebecca Robertson is a writer of romance and YA, a believer of self-care and a hardcore tea drinker. Notoriously known for adding sweet & sexy to her stories, she enjoys creating words that keep her readers on the edge of their seat. She lives in the North of England where the weather is as unpredictable as her characters.


If she could, she’d make wearing pyjamas all day mandatory. 



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