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The Author Success Membership is a monthly membership which will equip you with all the tools necessary to thrive in your writing business. Rebecca has created stunning self-paced courses and will work with you to support you in your business!

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The Author Success 


The Author Success Membership includes the following:​

Access to the Author Success Library including multiple courses, writing resources & curated writing playlists.

Get lost in this library of resources to support your writing journey fully. From social media training to crafting the perfect first chapter, you'll find all the tools you need to excel in your writing career. Plus, enjoy a variety of workbooks and templates designed to enhance your writing process and make it more enjoyable.

Monthly book marketing prompts.

I get it! We don't always have time to think of social media hooks, so let us do it for you! Every month, we'll send you a list of prompts that you can use when creating your own marketing content. 

Monthly live writing sprints.

Get together with other incredible authors every month and write your next best seller!

Monthly live guest expert training/ training with Rebecca.

Every month, Rebecca will either host a masterclass or bring on industry experts to help assist you on your writing journey. All sessions will be recorded and stored in the Author Success Library. 


Author community chat on WhatsApp.

Connect with a community of like-minded authors and use the chat to bounce ideas back and forth. Perhaps you can even get your manuscript critiqued!

Join today for just £44 a month or pay £444 for the full year and get 2 months FREE!

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